Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Make-up tutorial by me (001)

ok so i decided to do a make-up tutorial on multicolor eyeliner=]

1st things 1st... u need a good moisturizer. i got this one at wal-mart for like $4 and it works great; but whatever floats your boat.
rub it in. make sure you do so in circular motions. dont mind me, i make silly faces lol.
see the glow=]
im going to use a blue on the botton and a green at the top of my eye. this look can be casual or everyday-ish.
this how your liner should look when your finish. *note i only have make-up on my eyes ONLY
ok, so now i add my pink shimmer by clinique. make sure you use a brush!! not a q-tip lol
this is how my eyes look when im finish...
see, its cute rite?? =]
ok so i washed that off with a nice HOT rag, you can use your own method. and of course i put on more moisturizer=] now im going to use a red liner and a black one...
as you see i used the black for the bottom and the red at the top.
this is the finish result after the liner...
now i shall add some shadow. im going to add my chocolate shadow also by clinique.
i liked this look even though its more dressy and dramatic i decided to add mascara, my mineral powder, lip liner, and gloss of course!!
awesomeness xo

1 comment:

KidTeffy said...

LMBO you're so hot damn adorable.
I love this.

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