Friday, January 29, 2010

Lolita, LOLITA

some of you may heard of a japanese street style called Lolita, where others may heard of Harajuku. This style is sweaping the runrays and stores, as the latest trend!! check out some of my favorite designers and their Lolita looks=]

item 1;Christian Louboutin Lolita bag
item 2;Luella
item 3;Marc Jacobs
item 4;Betsey Johnson
item 5;Chanel
item 6;Alexander Wang
item 7;Milly

101 ways to get REVENGE on a cheating boyfriend!!...

...well maybe not 101 more like 20 lol=)

Its clear that cheating is everywhere nowadays and being more and more "accepted". I always come across my friends telling me stories about cheating men. With their stories and my own experience I decided to do a post (just for laughs) about these low down dirty scums lol. I got maybe fifty women to respond to my question "what are some ways to get revenge on a cheating ex-boyfriend?" ...I chose the ones I liked the most. Enjoy=)

1. "I don't play that disrespectful ho shit, and if I catch you with my man, disrespecting, I will beat your ass... and his ass!"-Kimora Lee Simmons

2. "Fill their gas tank up with snicker bars, I'm the type to do that" -@littlemissbit

3. "Spray paint cheater in his grass" -@ellemack

4. "Do what I did. When you see him at a party, go to the bathroom, pee in a cup and throw it in his face!" -@cherellers

5. "Throw paint on his car, lmao" -@___janedoe

6. "Post an ad on craigslist about him being gay and wanting to have sex, and make sure his HOUSE number is up there" -@littlemissbit

7."do better without him. He'll regret it" -@ilov3juice

8."moving on with your life is the best revenge"-landu kali

9."bust the niggas windows, put sugar in his gas tank and flattin his tires (sorry, I had a memory)" -indah ieshianna

10."just be happy without him" -@coco_4short

11."you ever watched snapped?! ...oh ok"

12."get with his friends" -britney

13.""FUCK his best friend" -tia

14."suck his dick and as soon as he's about to cum... BITE THE HEAD OFF! And spit it across the room" -@littlemissbit

15."forget about them and do what you do to the fullest. Next time they see, you'l be happy and you'll look great!" -@ajunscripted

16."give him crabs!" -heather

17."stick a potatoe in his exhaust pipe, at least that's what my daddy said" -brittany

18."have sex with his enemy that will piss him off!" -maria

19."have sex with the girl he cheated on you with" -rachel
"What will that do, lol" -me
"Nothing, I just think it would blow his mind!" -rachel

20. "Let go, and let GOD" -me=)

...special thanks to all the ladies!! xo

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


meet Jameela Jamil, the U.K.'s newest TV personality... her Flo (formerly known as "swagger") is disgusting!! (thats beyond good) ...see for yourself=]

Diddy's son Justin turns 16=]

Diddy definetly pulled out the big guns for this one, his son justin turned 16. he had performances from Fabolous, Trey Songz, Diddy hiself, Lil Kim, and not only did Nicki Minaj perform but she also was his date!! (badd bxtch on your arm will take you far lol) but wait look how cute this young stud is!! (holla at me in 5years lol) Teyana Taylor, and Diggy Simmons was also present, not to mention his older brother who also appeared on Super Sweet 16.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sandra Bullock does Lil Jon!! TOO FUNNY

i was watching The Proposal lastinite and saw this scene and fell out laughing!! i decided to share with you all=] enjoy!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Amber Rose and Kanye West all dressed in FUR

from Louis V. Fashion Shows, they were rockin Fur everywhere!! i know Peta is having a fit... but you must admit they are FLY!!=] love them!!

Chris will knock your lights out!!

noooo im kidding Chris Brown didnt do this but he should have!! he talks entirely too much shxt!! smh


accepting her award as Woman of the year Rihanna wore this ensemble. i wasn't too crazy about this dress *side eye... looks like napkins thrown on a t-shirt, hard to believe it was couture.... but i still love you ri ri


...and checkout the mttm cameos!!


...DID YOU GUESS?? why its Lady GaGa!! its true!! she was on MTVs Boiling Points!!

speaking of the Fab pop star, seen here latest shocker???

Owl City and the song of the year!!

i love, love, loveeee this song!! check it out

Beyonce at hope for haiti!!

...beyonce looking Fab lastnite at the Hope For Haiti concert=)


Wednesday, January 20, 2010


if you havent heard there is a new BADD BXTCH in town!! you may know her as Lola Monroe... or Angel Lola Luv. either way she's hott!! with the release of two, yes TWO mixtapes she is quickly jumping o the music scene. now i have been a fan of miss monroes modeling work... but now as an artist, i'm even more in love with her. not to "diss" nicki, i love nicki minaj, but i love how she isnt a "BARBIE" she keeps it 100 and thats what music fans love, not to mention her Flo (formly known as swagg) is bananas!!

"Born in Ethiopia, but brought up in Garfield Terrace in Uptown Washington DC, Lola is a mix of Ethiopian and Trinidadian (woot woot). From her body language to her attitude, strength, demeanor and humble attitude she undeniably has what it takes to make it to the top of the Entertainment Industry." (

so I'm TELLING you go cop the mixtapes; the untouchables- realeased december 2009 and the art of motivation-october 2009

download untouchables here-->>(copy and paste)

download the art of motivation here-->>(copy and paste)

Friday, January 15, 2010


YOU texted me the other day. I didn't know whether or not to let the bxtch come out... I decided if I needed to "think" about it, it probably wasn't. I know I'm better than YOU, so I decided to act as such... let's just say YOU are my lesson learned!!

-signed every fed up WOMEN

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


If you haven't already heard, Haiti had a massive and DEADLY earthquake said to have affected over 3million people!! This is TRAGIC!! Many people are without a home and basic necessaties, a lot are dead, and even more are injured!! So I'm telling EVERYONE to help the country along with many others... you may call (1 800 REDCROSS) to give a donation or to even see how you can help more. Please try to advocate people about this epic tragedy happening and get involved!! Use your TWITTER, your MYSPACE, your FACEBOOK, or even your BLOG to tell others how to help!! Thank you!! ...and I'll keep EVERYONE updated on this topic.

You can also go to to donate through wyclef's foundation, any amount is accepted, god bless.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Fallen Fashion Icon

Eunice Johnson, window of Ebony Magazine founder, died this week. Johnson was a Fashion Icon, she paved the way for many Black Models. She had Fashion shows featuring Black Models wearing high fashion designs from all over the world!! Mrs. Johnson was denied by many designers in Europe when she asked them to feature Black Models in ads and on the runway. But she had another idea, being the boss lady that she was, she bought designs from many designers brought them back to the United States and featured the Black Models wearing the High Fashion brands in her own fashion show!! Pow!! Lol. Overall this lady is a legend who will be greatly missed!! from the Ebony fashion fair to Ebony Magazine itself. Mrs. Eunice Johnson the Fashion World salutes and commends all your efforts in the progression of the industry. We thank you!! xo

Sunday, January 3, 2010

EXCLUSIVE; sarah jessica parker's stlye

EXCLUSIVE; get chanel imans's style

Just A Little More Love
Just A Little More Love by TheComi featuring Vince

EXCLUSIVE; get lady gaga's style

EXCLUSIVE; get beyonce's stlye

EXCLUSIVE; get rihannas look


some say "single" is an early death sentence... lol.

it was once said as a woman we should get married, have children and raise a family.

NEWSFLASH its 2010, and hunny single is the new black!! i have never felt more free, empowered, and happy in my life, lol, someone who once ALWAYS had a boyfriend. I'm not saying being in a relationships dreadful, but being single is NOT BAD. its women like those in "sex in the city" and "waiting to exhale", who have inspired me greatly.

"Being single used to mean that nobody wanted you. Now it means you're pretty sexy and you're taking your time deciding how you want your life to be and who you want to spend it with" -(Carrie Bradshaw) SEX IN THE CITY

...i couldn't have said it better myself... why get married at 25?? and divorce at 30?? not saying this is BOUND to happen... but whats the rush?? and as women why should we lower our standards for society?? i encourage an open mind, but settling for less?? ABSOLUTELY NOT!! call me a feminist, or idealist... but society is just a bunch of uptight old people lol.
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