Saturday, August 27, 2011

Beyonce- 1+1

Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Poetic Justice...

Well, everyone and their momma lol...including myself have been using the term "poetic justice" to describe my braids. the real name (and yes I did know this prior to getting my hair styled) is "box braids". Just the term "poetic justice" is widely use to describe them because Janet Jackson's character in the movie Poetic Justice made them famous and popular, even to this day.I love my braids and experimenting with them, I'm FAR from a hairstylist but I like to keep my hair funky and try new things to it:) as seen below.

It seems the fascination of box braids started with Janet and her soulful character in the movie, Justice". She was a deep misunderstood black youth, that captured peoples attention with her style, thoughts, and love of poetry living in the hood.
Recently, Solange, and many other "HIPSTERS" like; Erykah Badu, Lisa Bonet, Chrisette Michele, just to name a few have bought back this trend:)
Watch the cool kids werkkkkk... (featuring nyne of and zizi of )
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