Sunday, March 27, 2011

spring tends
spring tends by keepingitjazzy featuring red tops
1. cocktail rings

2. feather acessories

3. knee high socks

4. turbans

5. velvet dresses

6. metallic/sequins dresses

7. oversized tees

8. wedge heels

9. cowboy boots

10. indian/native american inspired styles (moccasin boots)

11. pins/brooches

12. moccasins 13. bell bottoms

14. extra short jean shorts

15. cropped shirts

16. vintage inspired shades/glasses

17. printed tights

18. skinny belts

19. studded acessories

throwback of the week.


confessions of a drama queen. (fashion as a drug)

...been a minute since I blogged, I know, I know. But I'm back to serve the fashion feens:) so indulge, get high off of runway, style, trends, and COUTURE because I'm back baby. I can't promise you I'll be on the corner everyday like a local dope boy servin' you the latest in Fashion. But I'll be here ever week giving you a little supply at a time, kinda like a King Pin lol:)

Style Inspirations... (Chaka Khan and Diana Ross)

The 70s are back!! And I've already picked my style inspirations for the season... Chaka Khan and Diana Ross, two of the most famous Divas EVER. this spring I'm looking forward to extra long hair, 16inches or more!! and big hair!! far as clothes very 70s inspired; bellbottoms, stripes and poka-dots,jeans, and silk blouses. acessories; leather and feather material; also over embellished and over size gold pieces. and shoessss; higher the heel, closer to God, literally. im talking platforms!! 6inches or better baby:) PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket
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