Friday, January 29, 2010

101 ways to get REVENGE on a cheating boyfriend!!...

...well maybe not 101 more like 20 lol=)

Its clear that cheating is everywhere nowadays and being more and more "accepted". I always come across my friends telling me stories about cheating men. With their stories and my own experience I decided to do a post (just for laughs) about these low down dirty scums lol. I got maybe fifty women to respond to my question "what are some ways to get revenge on a cheating ex-boyfriend?" ...I chose the ones I liked the most. Enjoy=)

1. "I don't play that disrespectful ho shit, and if I catch you with my man, disrespecting, I will beat your ass... and his ass!"-Kimora Lee Simmons

2. "Fill their gas tank up with snicker bars, I'm the type to do that" -@littlemissbit

3. "Spray paint cheater in his grass" -@ellemack

4. "Do what I did. When you see him at a party, go to the bathroom, pee in a cup and throw it in his face!" -@cherellers

5. "Throw paint on his car, lmao" -@___janedoe

6. "Post an ad on craigslist about him being gay and wanting to have sex, and make sure his HOUSE number is up there" -@littlemissbit

7."do better without him. He'll regret it" -@ilov3juice

8."moving on with your life is the best revenge"-landu kali

9."bust the niggas windows, put sugar in his gas tank and flattin his tires (sorry, I had a memory)" -indah ieshianna

10."just be happy without him" -@coco_4short

11."you ever watched snapped?! ...oh ok"

12."get with his friends" -britney

13.""FUCK his best friend" -tia

14."suck his dick and as soon as he's about to cum... BITE THE HEAD OFF! And spit it across the room" -@littlemissbit

15."forget about them and do what you do to the fullest. Next time they see, you'l be happy and you'll look great!" -@ajunscripted

16."give him crabs!" -heather

17."stick a potatoe in his exhaust pipe, at least that's what my daddy said" -brittany

18."have sex with his enemy that will piss him off!" -maria

19."have sex with the girl he cheated on you with" -rachel
"What will that do, lol" -me
"Nothing, I just think it would blow his mind!" -rachel

20. "Let go, and let GOD" -me=)

...special thanks to all the ladies!! xo

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