Friday, December 10, 2010

Winter Fashion Picks.

1. cropped pants- polyester, cotton, silk, leather pants!! this trend is going to be hot during the winter.
2. fur- (not necessarily real fur, faux fur for all the animal lovers) hats, vest, trimming, coats, mittens, etc. fur will be everywhere this winter.
3. feathers- feathers also are very versatile. hats, vest, coats, trimming, jewelry, accessories, etc.
4. leather- leather clothing is definitely back this season. dresses, pants, shirts, everywhere!!:)
5. oversized scarfs- thick long scarfs; preferably wool and cotton since winter will be very cold this year.
6. sequins- another versatile trend.
7. crew neck sweaters.
8. tights/stockings- whether its tights (opaque and usually worn with large shirts) or stockings (translucent and sometimes opaque; usually worn under dresses, skirts, and shorts) very hot trend mix it up think different and fun with this one!! cant really go wrong.
9. dark/plum lipstick- black, brown, purple lipsticks are all the style this season:)
10. tribal prints (clothes).
11. tribal prints (accessories).
12.military style boots (heels).
13. military style boots (flats).
14./15. oversized embellished necklaces.
17. full length skirts.
18. broches- can be worn on accessories and clothing.
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