Thursday, September 23, 2010

Meet Your New LOVE GURU.

I've reached out to Kianna plenty of times for advice whether its with issues as a woman or issues in love and every time she amazes me with her brilliant words of wisdom. i thought well, since Ki is always blessing me that its only right that i share her with the world:) So meet your new love counselor!! I decided the best way for everyone to feel like the person i picked to give love/relationship advice is to give you all a little basic knowledge. so if you will enjoy...
When we get too thinking about Love and Relationships, what do we really mean?
Do we tie these words together or keep them separated? In order too have a
relationship with someone else you first have to seek the most important one,
the one you have with yourself. That amazing Self Love that we are all en-tilted
too. Any one is capable of stringing 3 words together "I LOVE YOU" the most
abused and misused words. behind these words what do we mean, that's the
question? Drawing from my own experiences, Its like i have been immune too
understanding others. Never been much of a Fairy tail believer, but somehow in
the same sentence I believe in magic..magical endings in some cases. Whats even
more important is that there is nothing better than a precious friendship these
make the greatest loves. The kind of friendships were the other person becomes
our closest confidant, other than the mind we face when were alone. They always
said love doesn't return to you void or toxic and i believe in that! Riding out
on the white horse was always something different. The Most asked question
entering something new is "Am i ready" Are you? Are you ready too give? Too
accept? Too be willing..willing too open your heart. Ready too Share, Are you
ready too take on the responsibility of someone Else's feelings other than your
own. Going into something new whether it be a love, friendship, or even a new
job we normally go in with positive energy, shutting down all the negatives. You
see in a perfect love, Nothings perfect, that's the beauty of LOVE, its the
beauty of a relationship, its the beauty of seeing life flawed yet still being
happy. "comfort and security" give yourself that before you ask it of someone
I'll leave you with a Few questions too ask yourself...

-What do you look for in a Friend?

-What do you look for in a Relationship. What do you look too get out of one?

-If you could change one thing about love what would it be?

Look for your pattern,

until we meet again! Thanks Jazzy For Having Me!

...Kianna Edmond

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