Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fall Fashion Picks.

Fall Fashion 2010

1.bow ties-
you can wear a bow tie anywhere nowadays whether your shirt, your hair, or your neck. they are fun to try new styles with.
2.graphic dresses- less floral (unless you use more neutral colors not BRIGHT flowers) and get more techno with graphic and tribal prints this fall.
3.oxford shirts (button ups)- a fitted button up or a mans button up (oversized) with a mini skirt or shorts thrown together with some tights could be pretty flyy this fall.
4.vintage earrings- you can find them at consignment stores, or like me from older relatives. u can also go to antique jewelry stores!! scarfs- lets throw the cotton and wool scarfs and save them for winter; because its all about bright silk scarfs this fall. neutral colors such as black, brown, or creme can go extra well with this garment.
6.suede/leather vest
7.tights- color, graphic, or lace
8. silk/wool blend pants- whether cropped or not but pants that hit right above the mid section are all the rave. throw them hipsters away!!
9.graphic pants- a solid shirt (baggy/fitted) would go great with tight graphic pants or any printed pants. if you do loose pants make sure your top is tight!!
10.sweatshirts- whether studded or crop everyone needs a good sweat shirt paired with some shorts and tights --either colorful or lace.
11.denim jacket
12.long socks- these look good with shorts and mini skirts of course whether styled with a strapped heel or military styled boot. shorts- style with some great tights on a cool day or night.
14.strapped heels
15.lower thigh/knee length skirts- or longer
16. broaches- the good thing about broaches is you can pin them anywhere for a lil sas!! whether on your bag/tote or clothes this trend is hot!!
17.oxford shoes
18.wedge heels- stay away from wooden based wedges
19. leather pants- these can go goos with just about anything!! whether dressed up or dressed down.

***note*** stay on the look out for suede, silk, and lace this fall!!

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