Saturday, July 31, 2010

Guess Blogger; NEW POST!! part2

Bake is Back! Thanks Jaz for inviting me back for a second Post!
This time Ive decided to blog about something very interesting I Come across. But first, Have you ever been out on the streets and just notice someone with an extremely amazing sense of style or someone with a unique wardrobe that looks so out of the ordinary it becomes intriguing?! Or Just see someone that you feel shares the same passion for fashion that you do?! I'm pretty sure everyone has experienced this bond between fashion lovers, and probably wish it happened a little more often lol... So with that being said I've came across a website that has a section solely dedicated to capturing the street style of people from different walks of life, across the world! It shows the raw beauty of fashion minus the editing, the staged photoshoots, and the deranged media trying to define Our fashion. Here We are the models and our world is the background, and the Sun is our "perfect" lighting, capturing the very essence of what fashion really is. A statement of individuality.

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