Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Guess Blogger; NEW POST!!

Let me start off By Inroducing Myself! Im Bake, 1/2 Of Baked Goods Apparel and I would like to thank Keeping It Jazzy for giving the opportunity to post on her blog! She gets like a million cool points!
But anyways Me being deeply in love with Streetwear I thought it would be cool to showcase my favorite Streetwear Brand for Females, which is Married to The Mob!
This Brand is packed with a sexy but strong female persona giving it a edgy twisted to the glamorous streetwear you're use to. Ever Since its start back in '04 they have stayed consistent to its roots with girl powered slogans and Lipstick print graphics which makes this one of the top female streetwear brands around. Here are a few items from their 2010 collections:
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