Saturday, April 10, 2010


name. Tasha Bleu, Founder of Treu Bleu Imagery

sex. Female

age. 21

location. Southern New England

quick bio. Model turned photographer, Tasha Bleu found Treu Bleu Imagery in 2010 with the objective to appear in fashion magazines. In only 2 months of shooting, Bleu has appeared in fashion magazines, published in notable books, acknowledged by fashion figures and even hired for NYFW.

personal style. Simple and bright

what inspires you in your photography. The fanmail I get on facebook...I get the warmest messages from people...a beautiful feeling

idols. None.

what made you start doing photography. It's the start to a longgg plan that I have, stay tuned.

what kind of photography do you do. Fashion, Glamour, Candid...I also do events, real estate, etc...but that's another story.

favorite photographer. Richard Warren!!!

describe your favorite photoshoot you have done. Definitely, Touchdown with Quinee Lewis! I got the dirtiest for that shoot and so far that shoot has gotten me the most recognition from prominent figures.

career path. Degree in marketing, I'm working on being a Marketing Guru...managing many of my own businesses that I'm launching this year.

Any other talents. I also make shoelery (Treu Treasures), I write (Treu COLORS) and I manage (Dreams do come Treu) :)

what do you expect to bring to the photography industry. I plan on changing the game, adding my own twist and bringing my models with me

what kind of work have you done so far. I have published work in a few magazines at the moment, I am/was hired for a few Fashion Week events in various states, I am partnered with a few designers launching different projects for the summer...lots in the works, only my 4th month shooting

who would be in your dream photoshoot. Naomi Campbell! I'm a semi-finalist for a contest of hers already

what places/cities have you shot in. NY, RI, MA, NH....the Northeast...let's just say that

How would others describe your work. Colorful and Creative

advice for other photographers on the come up. Study the industry, Utilize Networks, Know your camera!

words for your competition. Rest in

personal quote. "to thine own self be treu"

whats on your ipod. Erykah Badu an Ursher!

webpage. Building a webpage for all of my projects under the "Treu" name, for now you can use or!...and


7Teen Twenty2 said...

cool! nice interviews

Christina Love said...

Love the blog!

Ronald Garner said...

Blog is dope im following please do the same thanx

Empress said...

nice interview can't wait to see more work from her in the near future.

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