Monday, March 29, 2010


check me out; rocking my romper...and here are some are 2 of my fave celebs rocking theres; (katy perry and beyonce)


Chrissystina said...

I've BEEN loving the romper, even though my boyfriend makes fun of me for all the ones I own. He calls them "onesie's" to make gun of me!

Funny this pot came up today! I wore a romper I bought just last week at the thrift store to worktoday. THEN, I changed into my white romper I bought from Victoria's Seret thre years ago! They are easy, stylish, and so comfortable. I love them so much! I wear them like people wear jeans.

Elea Carey said...

Of course, Beyonce looks ten times as good as what's-her-name!
Do you know about the blog "beauty is diverse?"

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