Thursday, March 18, 2010


ive explained my style numerous of times. which is vintage street. i love the edgy looks with a old vintage twist or vice versa. here are some of my celeb style inspirations

MARILYN MONROE. her style is very timeless, chic and pure sexiness. she was all about sex appeal; she wasnt afraid to wear provocative clothing living in the time that she did when it was not as mainstream as it is today.
RIHANNA. she can be very edgy and chic. or tomboy glam. she took the goth look to another level and made it cool all over agin.
MARY-KATE. Grunge!! but chic. she has that idgaf type of style which i love. she's so bad ass!!
DENISE HUXTABLE. (not lisa bonet but her character on the cosby show) very boho and very vintage but also edgy. she could take a fat mans suit and make it look fab.
TAYLOR MOMSEN. street glam. she's like the bad girl next door who your mom warns you about yet your fascinated by her.

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