Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fashion Spotlight- THE HIPSTER

well as i said im going to pick a new fashion spotlight every 2weeks and maybe more than one sometimes just depends. i choose people who i find interesting, creative and DIFFERENT. my mission is to find people who i think may inspire others through their sense on style. well, enjoy=]

name. Steffanie Nnamani
sex. Female – DUH!
age. 20 years wise
location. Greensboro, NC…unfortunately (..by way of NEW YORK )
quick bio. Ummm, born in Nigeria in the early hours of Wednesday November 8th, 1989. I’m the fifth child out of the lovely 6. My life is complex simplicity –family, art, fashion, music, food, sleep. The end.
personal style. Um eccentric/vintage/urbanoutfitter.
fashion inspirations. …My parents & Lucille Ball…(not just her fashion. She just fascinates me)
idols. . …MY father …
who is the most fashionable person you know. Hmm, I would have to say my older brother, Sam.
most fashionable celeb. Zoe Kravitz.
favorite designer. … I have none.
favorite place to shop. …H&M…urbanoutfitters, topshop.
favorite clothing. …too many to mention.
career path. …Umm, aiming to get a masters degree in Psychology…as a back up plan. My dream career would HAVE TO be anything pertaining to music and/or fashion…or photography (one of my favorite forms of art)
last storegasm. …Christmas time, I was back home in NY…. when I stepped into the three floor H&M on 54th street…I creamed myself and left with a leg & arm cramp.
talents. …lol Um, I do accents pretty well…that’s a talent RIGHT? I have a 6th sense like nobody else I know, AND I take pretty decent photos…
tats. …NONE…yet…but that will change SOON.
wearing today. Black tights, black short sleeve shirt, black gladiator sandals, vintage denim “boyfriend” blazer, my favorite scarf held in place with my bow as a broach, and a snazzy orange bandana in my hair (tied
favorite clothing line. … um don’t believe I have one…
refer to. hipster, weirdo , that fly chick with the big hair
personal quote. “I am flawed to perfection” – by me.
whats on your ipod. …everything ranging from Frank Sinatra, A Tribe Called Quest, Vybz Kartel, Chris Brown, Anita Baker, to Kings of Leon…
webpage. http://teffyMONSTER.blogspot.com

p.s. follow her on twitter @kidTEFFY

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