Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Cool

Jay-Z, Kanye West, Diddy, Pharell, Lupe, and Andre300 may be jetsetters of today but way before them there were others; THE LEGENDS!! GQ magazine recently did an article for black history month which i REALLY enjoyed it was about the 20 Black Style Pioneers the legacy of these supremely stylish icons were FLY!! and i love to see a gentleman who is clean-cut with so much fashion sense. checkout these handsome men... enjoy ladies and GENTS

Miles Davis(1926-1991) Trumpeter, composer

Duke Ellington(1899-1974) Composer, pianist
Langston Hughes(1902-1967) Poet, writer, journalist
Gordon Parks(1912-2006) Photographer, director, journalist
Sammy Davis Jr.(1925-1990) Singer, dancer, TV and movie star
Otis Redding(1941-1967) Singer
Ernie Barnes(1938-2009) Artist; professional football player (AFL: New York Titans, San Diego Chargers, Denver Broncos) Matthew Henson(1866-1955) Arctic explorer
Richard Pryor(1940-2005) Stand-up comedian, actor, writer
Bill T. Jones(b.1952) Choreographer, dancer, director
Huey P. Newton(1942-1989) Co-founder and leader of the Black Panther Party
Teddy Pendergrass(1950-2010) Singer, songwriter
Vivien Thomas(1910-1985) Surgeon
Sidney Poitier(b.1927) Actor, director, writer
Jean-Michel Basquiat(1960-1988) Artist
Harry Belafonte(b.1927) Singer, actor, civil rights activist
Marvin Gaye(1939-1984) Singer and songwriter
Richard Roundtree(b.1942)Actor
Dick Gregory(b.1932) Stand-up comedian; civil rights activist
Johnny Hodges(1906-1970)Sax player in Duke Ellingtons band


FabLondyn said...

Hey Hun,I'm your new follower and I love your blog so far!! I'm new to the blogging world,so please check my blog out and follow me..Thanks..xoxo


Chrissystina said...

I love Dick Greogory! I read his autobiography and it made me cry! When he was little he shined shoes for some white man, and they kicked him in his mouth for not gotdamn reason! That man is super fly for all he accomplished and what he went through

Thanks for having him in your post, very nice!

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