Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fashion Spotlight- THE TYCOON

Fashion spotlight is my way of acknowledging RAW, UNCUT, FASHION from everyday FASHIONISTAS/ JETSETERS.

(this is a new thing I'm doing; I'm going to pick a different person every 2weeks to be my fashion spotlight. someone with style is an expectation!! email me for details=])

name. taji davis
sex. male
age. 20
location. conn. via va
quick bio. i really dont do bios. i am one to talk about myself but if i did a bio it wouldnt reflect who i am. words cant explain.
personal style. boyish glam. i love doing a long button down with tight jeans with high black boots and a cute jacket.
fashion inspirations. GQ mag. models and designers.
idols. kourtney kardashian, megan fox, and mia west. they catch my attention alot.
who is the most fashionable person you know. me; when people are ask this question im most likely the answer.
(celeb) lady gaga has put a spin on fashion and i think its nice to see something so different.
favorite designer. chanel,omg!! its a girls best friend!! it really is!!
favorite place to shop.Forever 21..H&M,Vivo,& Bakers for shoes
favorite clothing. michael kors all black boots and my disco diamond earrings by guess.
career path.i want to be an espn reporter or a make up artist or a porn star if plan a or b doesnt works lol.
last storegasm. at new york &company. i just had to have this ring leader jacket. it was like the gods were singing to me.
talents. i act. model. songwriter.
tats. star on my chest and a girly skull head with a pink bow on my lower v-cuts.
wearing today. express white v-neck; jeans; leather vest; all express
favorite clothing line. DASH
refer to. as a tycoon

personal quote."life is like a sex drive for me. i just keep fucking it. its an addiction. im very simple, simple is beautiful and so am i"
whats on your ipod. nicki minaj' gucci' lola monroe' taylor swift' trey songz, orainthi, and drake.

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